My History.

Tom Michero
Tom Michero
Home Historian

After living 28 years in Austin, I moved to McKinney and discovered how unique a town it is. As I heard people talk about the town’s mule dealers, cotton traders, Civil War veterans, bankers, and undertakers, I became more interested in knowing who these colorful characters were. I wanted to learn more about the town I lived in but it wasn’t until I heard about the City’s HNIZ program that I actually began delving into its past.

I researched my own home at 1108 Tucker Street and found out that the first owner was related to Jesse James and that a later owner was one of the survivors of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Although I have an Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas, I love a good story. Now that I am helping others research their homes I am finding that every home and building in McKinney has a fascinating story to tell.

Naturally, a tax-exempt home is wonderful, but but even more wonderful is living in a town full of people interested in preserving historical structures and maintaining a connection to the people who made them.

1108 Tucker Street
1108 Tucker Street

In addition to writing home histories, I spend my time on my music education business and walking our blue-healer mix, Bella, to the Square and back. I feel lucky to live in such a fine town and am happy to help anyone wanting to discover the people and the history that make McKinney unique.


Tom Michero
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My Vita
Born: Sept. 30, 1954
High School: R.L Paschal High, Fort Worth, Texas
Under-Graduate Degree: Business from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
Graduate Degree: Architecture from University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Occupation: online merchant, Lotus Music
Lived in McKinney Since: 2008
Relationship Status: Married to Silky Hart
Pets: Bella, Ava and Flora